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20.03.2019 LightGarden NY
19.03.2019 Auto-Aku NY
17.03.2019 Yhdessä Koti Oy
17.03.2019 Liikkuvat Nuoret NY
15.03.2019 NeBaPa NY
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Let's Innovate

Establish innovation culture

Let’s Innovate material is excellent for starting the NY Start Up -course and making sure every team finds the right idea to drive forward.

Let’s Innovate also works a separate course before the NY Start Up -program.

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Stats of NY Start Up 2018-2019

# of students: 387 (f: 229 / m: 158)
# of companies: 77

NY Start Up

Teacher - help students to build their own future

NY Start Up is a program designed to change mindset of a student from passive learner to active and entrepreurially minded future maker.

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Welcome to NY Start Up

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