NY Start Up

Teacher - help students to build their own future

NY Start Up is a program designed to change mindset of a student from passive learner to active and entrepreurially minded future maker.

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Let's Innovate

Establish innovation culture

Let’s Innovate course teaches you the innovation creation and development process. This helps you to deal with uncertainty, increases courage toward the new ventures, and builds the entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

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Stats of NY Start Up 2016-2017

# of students: 387 (female:175 / male:212)
# of teachers: 78
# of companies: 98

NY Start Up Updates

20 Apr 17

Best Start Up -companies selected

Entis NY was selected as the best NY Start Up -company for the 2016-207. Read the press release in Finnish http://uskallayrittaa.fi/parhaat-nuoret-yrittajat-vuodelle-2017-valittiin-ny-uskalla-yrittaa-finaalissa-helsingissa/

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Recently updated companies

13.06.2017 Liiku.io
06.06.2017 Hubertus Team NY
01.06.2017 5/5 Games NY
01.06.2017 Versoi Turku
01.06.2017 Oktantti NY

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