NY Start Up - best way to help students to build their own future

NY Start Up is a program designed to change mindset of a student from passive learner to active and entrepreurially minded future maker.

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Stats of NY Start Up 2016-2017

# of students: 221
# of teachers: 47
# of companies: 18

NY Start Up Updates

11 Oct 16

Companies in NY Start Up -portal

First companies have registered and you can now see what they are doing. We hope that the company list will help you to benchmarking your activities and also provides inspiration and…

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Recently updated companies

19.10.2016 The Heist
19.10.2016 FndR365
19.10.2016 Puro Workshops NY
17.10.2016 IlmapalloCity NY
17.10.2016 CARIN

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Important Dates 16-17

Welcome to NY Start Up

National NY StatUp -partners

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