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Every start up needs a web page and e-mail -address. Best advise for JA Start Ups is to follow suit and get them, while saving your money for something else.

This page is a brief tutorial how to obtain cheap website for your own domain and free emails to go with that

Here is what you need to set up -website with matching e-mails (ie [email protected])

  1. Domain -address. 
    You can use the international addressess like .com, .net and .org or you can buy a country domain like addresses are easier to buy and there are no restrictions on them. If the address is not reserved, you can have it.

    National addresses have usually some legal aspects (like you cannot reserve address that belongs to some other company, EVEN this other company has not reserved that), so in case you want to have national address check the company register for matching names before reserving one. (

  2. Place to host your domain name
    This is a server computer that can be as the home for your domain.  In acronyms, this is called Domain Name Server or DNS.
  3. Home for your www-pages
    In addition to DNS you need a server where you locate your web pages. 99% of the time this is the same as the DNS. What you do is rent out disc space and network capacity to show your pages on the web.
  4. E-mail server for e-mail accounts
    Now it gets complicated. You also need a place where to store your e-mails and e-mail accounts. This can be the same place where you host your www-pages, but usually not.

Where to get these

About 1 000 000 places around the web where you can buy these services.

This is JUST one suggestion how to make it with about 48 USD/year costs (this site is made using the same system).

Web page

  1. Go to (or for Finnish)
  2. Open an account and create your pages
  3. Purchase a domain (currently 18 USD/year)Boom, you have website! 
  4. Read some of the manual if you got lost:
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