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Holvi Payment Service

JScreen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.24.39A recommends using the Holvi-payment services for financial transactions.

Holvi is a new generation online banking -tool. You can open a current account

in one minute and share it with your team. Yuo can create a budget together and

collect payments from the built-in online store and with invoices.

With Holvi you can pay bills like you would with any online bank. Your account’s bookkeeping is done automatically.


There is a price-tag of 0,9 € per transaction. (payment out or receiving a payment)

  • There is an online store where you can pay with credis cars and there is additional 3% fee on Credit card payments. Otherwise the online -shop is free to use.

Age limit and recuirements

Age limit for Holvi-account is 15 years. Online-banking credentials are also required for personal identification. You can also ask your parents to open an account for you. Account is not connected to regular bank account in any way and bank credentials are used for ID:in the person.

Account cannot have negative balance. .


Bookkeeping is about tracking income, expense, assets and liabilities. After online banking was invented, a lot of the data necessary for bookkeeping went through your account in digital format. We feel that it’s just silly not to use it. Why do you copy numbers from bank account statements to your bookkeeping software or an Excel-budget? Don’t do it.

Holvi was invented to make your life easier and give you understanding of your groups financials. We offer you a real account to keep your money. It automatically collects all the necessary data from transactions to your budget and bookkeeping reports.

Online store

There is an online store included in the Holvi-account. You can post your products and services for sale and clients can pay them using online banking or credit cards.

How to deposit cash on Holvi.

You cannot deposit cash directly to Holvi. To get cahs to holvi, make the following steps.

  1. Deposit the money to your own bank account.
  2. Create an invoice from Holvi to you
  3. Pay the invoice from your own account.
  4. Money is now in Holvi.

How to withdran cash

Basically do the reverse actions of the deposit.

Best practise is to make an expense claim and pay the amout from the Holvi-account to the person who has paid the expenses.


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