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Teacher layout – new options

We have added some options for course management after  a good suggestions from you.

1 Link for Team folders

If your team is using (or you ask them to use) a team folder to share information, you can ask the teams to copy-paste the folder link under their company information.

This way you’ll see the links under the team information in the Teacher Center (see the demo below).  This also allows teams to use whatever format to share the Team folder with you (dropbox, onedrive, google drive etc).

We hope this helps the course management.


2 Listing of students and student e-mail -list

Student list is now “hidden” behind the + sign. This will make the page shorter.

We added a list of all students e-mails (who are in the status registered) in the page (just click the +-sign to see it). You can just copy-paste the list to your e-mail software if you want to send a reminder for all the students in your course. See image capture below.


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