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Support Material for Teaching

JA Finland produces support material for the course. The purpose is to give basic information on course topics and implementation.

Teacher center contains information and guidance about programme’s operation and phases as well as information about competitions and other functions affiliated with the programme.

In order to access to teacher center you need to register as teacher and NY Start Up -program managers need to validate your account. Teachers will have access the student data, thus validation is required.

Teachers registration link can be found from the top of the page.

Phases of the Academic Year

Academic year is divided to phases, according to which the course progresses. Duration of each phases depends on the nature of students’ idea and the degree of skills and knowledge needed. If the idea demands a great deal of  planning, it is justifiable to use more time constructing a business model compared to when the idea is mostly marketing.

Get familiar with  program steps since they guide students through the year. 

Competitions and participation

During the year JA Finland will organise competitions that support the learning and give participating teams opportunities to display one’s ability.

At the end of the academic year an national NY Start Up -final is organised and best NY Start Up -company selected.

Taking part in competitions , however, is in no way the essence of the course but they are meant to bring a nice extra to the programme.

What kind of knowledge should I as a teacher have?

Teacher’s task is to support and facilitate the learning process, challenge and, if needed, help JA entrepreneurs forward. “Entrepreneurship is an attitude” – phrase applies here as well! To be interested in the ideas from the youth and be ready to acquire more information in the needed areas are top skills in this program.  Also, a desire to create and use networks is of value. Usually, by using common sense, reading instructions and asking for help takes you very far.

No one knows it all. Asking for help is recommended, especially with unfamiliar topics. Largest challenges are usually found in the following areas:

  • How to get get the operation running (ideas to action)?
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Company’s marketing and customer pilots for a product or service
  • Using the digital tools that are available for start up entrepreneurs.

We have compiled brief survival kits for aforementioned areas, which assists in teaching/learning basic skills. It is possible to enhance these skills with other teaching or active self-learning.



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