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We have compiled a guide for evaluation and model (In Finnish) and it can be downloaded on this page, however, the exact university/institution specific implementation is always a modified version from the original. Local events and opportunities also affect it and should be exploited to the fullest.

Evaluation and phases

Programme evaluation is usually based on execution during the course and operation activity. In addition submitted work and events, both participated in and arranged, are part of the evaluation process.

Students personal development can also be assessed by using the learning diaries that students fulfil during the course. Learning diaries can be activated from the Teachers center – course management

In the course guide model (Kursssiopas) Turku University and Polytechnic course’s operation, performance and schedule is described. This example functions as a fine template for constructing one’s own course.

Evaluation guide (Arviointiopas) includes aspects to be evaluated and skills to be learned in different subjects.

Files to download (in Finnish):

Please let us know if you are interested in English version of the guide.

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