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NY Start Up programme is not meant to be a mere classroom activity – networking and external cooperation have an important role during the whole program.

In addition to external contacts, creating a supportive team around the programme from the teachers in one’s institution is a plausible. Institution’s other courses can also support the knowledge learned in  program (typical courses being marketing, communications and financial management).

Partners to the program

One of the aims of the program is to approach actual clients and receive feedback to one’s ideas from external sources. It is beneficial to cooperate with entities that promote the advancement of entrepreneurship as well. Many of them have a regional office/organisation, which is the most natural partner to the programme. Organisations such as:

  • Finland Entrepreneur’s local organizations, see
  • Entrepreneurship Societies, e.g. Boost Turku
  • Uusyrityskeskukset  or regional helpcenter for businesses
  • Other entrepreneurially supportive organisations in your area

JA Finland’s national office helps to find regional partners. Be bold and contact us – we are here to help you.

Examples of cooperation

  • Pitching practices with an entrepreneurial society
  • Taking advantage of the membership to Suomen Yrittäjien opiskelijayrittäjyys (Finland’s Entrepreneurs’ student entrepreneurship)
  • Going through idea evaluation matters with a representative from Uusyrityskeskus (New Enterprise Center)
  • Taking part in networking events to gain potential customers and pitch your idea.

It is impossible to render conclusive “how to”-instructions because slightly different organisations operate in the various regions but getting familiar with your town’s selection will surely move things forward.


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