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startup2016NY Start Up program is available for all universities and polytechnics. Programme can be implemented by creating a course where students receive credits. This page explains the basics of how/what/when you as a teachers can start the NY Start Up -course in your own university or university of applied science.

Requirements for course implementation

  • Programme’s official acceptance as a part of curriculum
  • Teacher in charge of the program is from the university (not external lecturer)
  • Enthusiasm towards entrepreneurship and “learning by doing” 🙂

How do I bring the program to my university?

Familiarize yourself with the site, examples and be in touch JA Finland’s National Office. We are there to help with questions and the process of accepting the programme as a part of your curriculum.

How much it costs to run the program?

Main cost is the teaching time. As students receive credits from the course (usually 10 ECTS), this should be part of the normal teaching activity and should not require extra funding. There is also a material fee payable to JA Finland. Fee can be paid by students directly or University can pay a lump sum.

Fee structure 

Direct payment by the students

  • 22€ material fee/student paid by students directly to JA Finland

Payment structure for the university

  • 1-25 students  – 22€/student
  • 25-50 students – 500€ paid by the university
  • 50 – unlimited students – 1000€ paid by the university

Fee type will be written to the agreement between JA Finland and participating university.

Investing to JA Start Up -company

Student also need to invest between 10 – 100€ for their company to launch the business activities. They can recover the initial capital (and even make a profit) if the company succeeds in selling it’s products or services.

 What are the phases in implementing the programme?

Phases may vary depending on the rules and regulations of the university/polytechnic but generally the phases of implementation are the following:

  1. Teacher/Department/School wants to make use of the program
  2. Ensure the programme is a suitable part of the curriculum(typically grouped with elective studies)
  3. Permission is received from the department(Dean/Board)
  4. Teacher in charge acquaints  her/himself to the programs process and support material
  5. Course outline is written and the program is offered to students
  6. Program’s teaching framework is created in accordance with a lesson plan and local networks are found to support learning, which takes place outside the classroom.
  7. Students select the course
  8. Teachers registers to NY Start Up -site (Teacher registration)
  9. The program begins in the university/polytechnic
  10. Students register to -site as individuals
  11. When the NY Start Up -team is set up one of the students will register the company
  12. Program is run during the course


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