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Practical Hands on Model…

NY Start up is a practical hands on learning model for entrepreneurship, testing your ideas in practice, and improving working life skills. Motivating Learning Environment

NY Start Up -company is a motivating learning environment for the students, and as they can work on their own idea. This will convert the normal school project to  a real-life experience.


Characteristics of NY Start Up

  • The program consists of clear steps similar to starting a real business.
  • The program offers a first time entrepreneurship experience for those students wishing to employ themselves as entrepreneurs or improve their work life skills.
  • Model allows multidisciplinary teams with students from different colleges.
  • The program is worth 10 credits and implementing at as a part in course offerings is simple.
  • JA Finland offers help and support during the year through material, trainings, competitions and events.
  • The students have a wide range of support material and an inspiring online learning platform.
  • At the national final competition, the best NY Start Up company is chosen to represent Finland in the European JA Start Up final competition (teacher get’s to go too).

Clear Steps and Learning

Programme consists of clear steps that facilitate learning and serve as milestones for the learners.

  1. From team to a company
  2. Development and testing
  3. Business Model creation
  4. Doing it for real
  5. Future plans and evaluation


NY Start Up -steps (Click to enlarge)


Learning of personal, business and innovation skills

  • Personal skills are general working life capabilities such as interaction, negotiating and teamwork skills. These are learned through idea development, negotiations with stakeholders and customer meets.
  • Business skills are related to starting or managing a small company and are skills learned during the process such as marketing (in person and digital), accounting basics (cost accounting and financial management), customer discovery and segmentationm,  team leadership and time management.
  • Development of innovation skills is a learning process from idea creation and evaluation of operational environment to validating and testing the idea.

Student Centric Learning Goals

The operation model is recommended as a learning journey lasting an entire academic year but, for example, considering the needs of exchange students, the program can be completed in one semester.

JA Start up model is a pragmatic and equal opportunity operation model, which provides participants  challenges to goals set by themselves. Goals can also be set based on the student knowledge and year class. Main goals of the program can be divided to mindset and real company pilot -type of goals.

  • Learning general entrepreneurial skills strengthens young person’s appreciation for her/his own ability, betters entrepreneurial preparedness for working life and makes it possible to see the value of one’s own competence.
  • The model provides a good preparatory template for idea testing phase. Next step could be a business accelerator or Start Up intensive course with an aim to found a real company.



Easy to start up as a teacher

The operating model provides teachers a complete tool kit for teaches the teach the aforementioned skills. JA Finland also supports the program in multiple ways. We offer for example

  • Free teacher training,
  • Teacher support material for the NY Start Up -program classroom times.
  • Online platform where students can register and fill out the tasks during the program. You as a teacher will have an access all the material students and teams have submitted
  • Pre- and post survey of the learning. Teachers have an access to national averages and your team answers.
  • National competitions that motivate students and support the learning.
  • National NY Start Up -final -event in Helsinki.
  • Best NY Start Up -team (and a teacher) will win a free participation to European NY Start Up -company finals and will have a change to meet another student companies from 20 countries.

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