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marketingsupMarketing is integral part of the idea testing and company set up. Marketing is not just putting banner on the wall or setting up a web page. Marketing is promoting your company and it’s services in a way that it benefits you. Good marketing is therefore a well thought and tested process of different promotional actions that yield the expected results.

What’s marketing in NY Start Up -company

Goal setting for customer marketing

Most likely you wish to sell your first products or test your product or service with customers. So set a goal what do you want to achieve.

  1. Set target group of customers you need to find (segmentation)
  2. Figure out where they are (online, in certain place, in some social media etc) and how they can be reached.
  3. Plan how to reach them
  4. Act on it

Do no make marketing an overly complex issue in the beginning, since most likely you don’t need a huge volume of customers to test your product or idea. Volume comes after you have validated the product and can be sure that its the one the customers want or need.

Learning the basics

Below is an excellent article on start up -marketing. It’s heavily web based but can be applied to non-web marketing too.


Pitching to Investors

Usually start up -companies also market to investors in a form of a pitch. More information about pitching is here

Online presence

Online presence is integral part of marketing and short information is here

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