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Handling Money

You should open a bank account to handle your finances in order to pay your bills and manage your cash flow. The account should be opened whenever you’ll need to spend money on behalf of your company. You have multiple options for opening an account.

1. Holvi Online banking for teams (recommended)

Holvi is everything you need to manage your finances. It is a current account you open online in one minute and share with your whole team.

Build a budget for your activities and collect payments with the built-in online store and invoicing. Your whole team will get real time updates on your finances. You can also create a webshop using the Holvi-service.

Holvi is available in Finnish, English and German. -front page (more infomation and opening an account)

2. Bank Account (option)

Companies can open an account in any bank, but make sure you negotiate good terms for yourself with the bank. You can also use a personal account and S-bank could be great alternative for this, since account can be opened online. Holvi-account is usually sufficient for most NY Start Up -companies.


You can also send invoices to customers, making your company look professional. Here are couple of options.

  • has an invoicing system included
  • is a free invoice application that works online. (Only in Finnish)
  • Use Excel to create an invoice (not recommended).
  • Google for free invoice for more ideas. for example: can fit in your company profile well


NY Start Up Companies don’t have Company ID, so you cannot use E-invoices.

Closing the accounts

When you close down your company, remember to also close all your accounts in order not to leave a mess behind.

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