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There is a 22€ material fee for the Start Up -program. Fee is paid by the student or by the university. Your couch will clarify the situation in particular university.

Fee covers the following services:

  • Right to participate to the NY Start Up -program and its competitions
  • Liability Insurance from Fennia  (Valid after you have registered your team and registration is approved.)
  • Support and help from national coordinators
  • Ready made framework to test your idea in safe environment + support material.

Fee paid by the students

Fee is paid using the Holvi-account and can be paid with using the Finnish Online-banks or by major credit cards.

Link to holvi-payment

  • (you can use your NY Start Up -company or personal account for the payment. Remember to include all the members if you pay multiple feed at once.)
  • PS. system is an excellent option for your NY company to set up banking and online store at 0€ set-up cost.
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