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New feature – add profile image to your company

We have introduces a new feature called a profile (or logo) image to NY Start Up -company page.

You can now update your company information and add a logo or profile image to your company. This will make your company to look better at company listing-page. See the screenshot on my test company below.


Note: You need to create an image with right dimension (207 * 141 to be exact) to make your profile image look good. This is exatly 25% of the size of you Facebook cover image, so this should be an easy task. If you don’t have a FB cover image yet – you better create one and open up your pages.

Where to edit images: 

Below you’ll find three easy options to choose from. With google you’ll find more.

How to change the information

Only the person who has registered the company can edit the company information. Company information edit link is visible in Student Center frontpage, below the personal tasks.

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