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If no-one wants your idea, then it doesn’t matter if you can build it.

Validation means testing if potential customers like your idea and are willing to pay for it.

This does not mean building the product and then asking their opinion, but rather asking if they like the idea in the first place – before you have even build anything.

Validating style depends on what are you creating, for example

  • Validate the DEMAND of a known product in a new location (New cafeteria).
  • Validate the INTEREST of a new product or service.

General validation guidelines and ideas:

  1. Talk to other people and ask questions. Don’t ask your friends – they want to be nice to you and don’t tell the truth.
    1. Make a good script on the question you want to have an answer.
    2. Make sure you ask about willingness to pay for the solution. Free stuff is always easy to sell.
  2. Run a social media survey about the product or service.
    1. Build a small landing page with information about the product.
    2. Ask peole to visit the site and comment.
    3. Make a social media poll (like Facebook).
  3. Pre-sell the future product
    1. See ideas in  in Kickstarter (see it for inspiration). 
    2. Create a demo or visuals about the product
    3. Contact potential customers for shared development interest
  4. Build a demo product (or actual product) and test sell it in the event and live locations.
    1. This will get you a real customer feedback and user experience.

Validating the viability of the idea is not easy – it WILL take some time and effort, but it’s one of the necessary steps for creating a viable company.

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