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A good and motivated team is essential for ideas to flourish, and a good and motivating idea will give all the members of the team a sense of ownership. The team must be willing to work on the idea and make it happen

Our recommendation concerning team sizes is between 2-5 people. This way one person falling ill doesn’t break the company, but the whole team can still meet up, everyone has a meaningful role, and it’s easy to settle issues.

You can form the team before or after agreeing to the idea.

Goal and Check-list for the good team

  • Time management (how much time to allocate to the company)
  • Engagement (all are eager and willing to do their share)
  • Responsibility and trust (you must be able to trust to your team mates. If you can’t, why are you cooperating in the first place?)
  • Personal motivation & goals are secured
  • Team strengths are mapped (you know where you are good and what needs to be developed)

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