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Students are normally covered by basic education institution insurance / domestic insurance while taking part in NY Start Up -company tasks. They are considered students participating in regular student/household activities. In general, schools assume the responsibility for minor accidents that happen in the class. If you have an accident while building, for example, a small prototype for your NY Start Up -company this is covered by the household insurance.

JA Finland has a liability insurance to cover non-company related accidents. We cannot give insurance for direct activities related to NY Start Up -company.  This is due to the lack of information of the field, risk level and requirements for the activity beforehand.

See the examples below.

Examples of the insurance cover by JA Finland (for reference only):

  • Student goes to fix a computer,  trips over an falls on expensive TV. This is a non-company related accident and is covered (he was not planning to fix the TV).
  • The student is cleaning the house and breaks expensive TV while cleaning it. Insurance does not cover since the company is actually cleaning the object it broke.

In most cases insurance provided by the institution is sufficient. Teachers are asked to consult JA Finland, if students are planning to engage in potentially dangerous activities.

  • Only the companies registered with JA Finland as student companies are covered by the insurance.
  • There is deductible of 500€ from the claim, so minor incidents fall out of the coverage.

JA Finland has an insurance from the Fennia Group.

More information about the insurance, please contact

Turo Numminen
[email protected]



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