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Why Ideas Matter

Idea forms the basis of the company. Idea doesn’t need to be something that’s not existing yet, even that’s an option. The main thing about the idea is that you believe in it and that you can do it! Ideas are sometimes called innovations, but most ideas have some innovation element in it.

What is an idea?

  1. The introduction of a new good or of a new quality of a good.
  2. The introduction of an improved method of production.
  3. A better way of handling the good commercially.
  4. The opening of a new market that or location for the idea.
  5. The carrying out of the better organization of any industry.

modifie from Joseph Schumpeter innovation definition


  1. ANYTHING that will be made in a new place (Locally produced).
  2. Doing ANYTHING more environmentally friendly (Recycling).
  3. Selling ANYTHING better than current practice (Better service).
  4. Providing ANYTHING in a new place (Availability).

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