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There are certain steps when finishing the program. Primary you write a NY Start Up -final report and then you need to make sure the all the financial obligations are cleared (if you had sales).

In case of no sales 

  • Write the final report and learning experiences at the end of the program.
  • Make sure that the expenses are shared in equal way.

NY Start up final report

Final report is a description of your activities and learning during the year and it sheds light on the learning path you have travelled.

Write down the most memorable events, what you have learned and what would you do differently if you’d start again.

Final report should be entity, where reader has no previous knowledge about you nor the company. You can use the template or create your own.

General guides for final report and retun instructions

  • You need to submit the final report to your NY Start Up -course Student Center (under the company information). Login to student center
  • Report must be in PDF-format
  • Language of the final report must be Finnish, English or Swedish.
  • Recommended lenght of the report is about 10 pages + covers.
  • Front of back cover must contain the company name, year of operation, university and teacher/mentor.
  • Fist page shuold contain a summary with information about the business model and most important learning during the year.
  • Describe the most important activities and what you have learned from them. You can also create a personal learning part.
  • If the company had sales, include financial report (sales, expenses, profit/loss i.e income statement + balance sheet).
  • Even you need to close donw the NY company you can include your thoughts on the viability of the idea as a real company.
  • If you plan to continue as real company, you can put more emphasis on the future plans and activities.
  • Make sure you include images or illustrations of the product/service to the report.

If the company had sales -task list

  • Sell the remainin inventory (clearance sales).
  • Make sure all the clients have paid their bills.
  • Make sure all the company bills are paid and all agreements terminated
    • Bank account (there might be monthly expenses that will continue to run in case you don’t close the account). OBS: You don’t need to separately close Holvi-account. Just empty it.
    • Internet-hosting (non auto renew)
  • Remember that you are personally liable for all non-paid invoices.
  • Make the accounting and create financial reports (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Pay pack the share capital and profit share to all shareholders.

Tax declaration (in case of the profit)

If your company made profit and this was divided to shareholders, you need to report this income as your personal income. Mark this down to was declaration as other income.


Certificates are downloadable after the course is finished and the teacher has marked the course completed. You can download the certificate from the front page of the student center.

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