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Final report

The final report is a description of your operations during the whole year with an emphasis of the following:

  • Explains what your business is all about.
  • States what you have learned during the year.
  • Contain the information about the most important events during the year.
  • Reflect what you could have done better
  • Make an educated guess about the future of your company

Submit the report

The annual report must be submitted to Student Center under the company information. You can upload the report as a PDF-file or fill in a link if the report is large (more then 25mb) or in online format.

Login to NY Start Up -student center (Click edit your company information and scroll until the final report part)

Instructions for the final report

  • The annual report can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English
  • The recommended length of the report is max 10 pages + covers
  • The company’s name, year of operations, school’s name, contact information and the teacher’s or mentor’s name must be found on cover page
  • The first page should be an operations summary and include
    • The company’s name
    • Business idea
    • Description of the product or service
    • Financial summary (if you had turnover)
    • The most important thing you learned during your operations
  • The account statement must be presented in the report, including the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet (if sales)
  • Pictures of the company’s products and services make the report livelier and provide the reader with an idea of the company’s operations.
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