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Once you’re done with building your team and have an idea to develop, it’s time to register your JA Start Up Company. Follow the steps.

  1. Check the personal registration of all team members
    Make sure all team members have registered. Registration link is on the top of the page .

    1. Only students participating in the NY Start Up -program can be members in a company.
    2. If you find people who are willing to cooperate that’s great and good practise, but due the nature of the learning program, registration is for participants only (other persons are not allowed to participate on competitions).
  2. Register your company 
    1. Select one member of the team who’ll fill in the company details in the Student Center under My Company. (Select the Register the NY Start Up -company)
      1. Fill in the company details and basic information
      2. Press submit -at the end of the page
    2. NY Start Up -site admins will check the registration and approve the company.
    3. After the company has been approved the company is visible in NY Start Up company -listing
    4. You can always add more or edit current information.

Congratulations, your NY Start Up -company is now up and running!

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