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Safkat Solution’s Visual Style Key To Win

Safkat Solution’s Visual Style Key to Win

Safkat Solution NY was chosen as the best Online Presence creator and honorary mention went to Kokoustaja NY

The visualization of the company’s website was stylish and thoughtful and visually pleasing. Professionally-level home pages and contemporary visual look reflected both good visual skills and an ability to communicate things to site visitors quickly and easily. The company logo was a great example of combining the product and visual cues of a company into a clear format.

The site was pleasant to use on mobile devices and worked well with the phone and/or tablet.

The company’s online communications were holistic, including the good social media visibility and a business video that supported the company’s brand. The app’s visuals were not tested.

See the winner in action: 

Safkat Solutions is from Turku.

Honoraty mention to Meeting service Kokoustaja NY

Honorable mention went to Kokoustaja NY, which offers meeting packages for companies. The visual identity was functional and reduced, but well suited to the nature of the service. Little more illustration, logo, or similar graphical element that would separate the company from others would be pleasing.

Sosiaalisen Social media was well used and company had understood the importance of it in marketing and getting customers attention.

Kokoustaja NY is from Lahti.

Choices and evaluation were carried out by Roy Gonzales, the CEO of Kajahdus advertising agency. 

JA Finland congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants of the competition!

The winner will be rewarded with a € 500 prize.


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