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Puine – Wooden Product Brand Has The Best Online Presence

Puine – Wooden Product Brand has the Best Online Presence

Handmade wooden products brand Puine NY won the best online award. Puine has successfully launched a website, online commerce and created a strong Instagram and Facebook follower community. Both communities also share and interact with the brand creating more visibility.

All the external communication supports the brand and brings value to customer. Also the design and visual quality of the website was stunning considering the speed the activities have developed.

Puine will receive are 100€ gift card to S-group stores.

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Runner ups: Entis – edible bugs and children activator

Entis is developing an edible bug recipes and produced interesting content to social media. This has created a nice visual storyline for the product development.

Entis NY Online: created a good combination of website and social media account with regular content. NY Online

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