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JA European Video competition + DL Extension

We are launching a Best NY Start Up -video competition at the European level.

What does this mean?

2 best NY Start Up -videos from Finland will be sent to European JA Start Up -video competition.

  • 500€ Cash -price for the winner
  • European-wide publicity for the video

Extension to Best Video -competition in Finland

Timeline for the European competition is later than our national competition, so we are extending the current video competition deadline to 15th of March 2018. 

» NY Start Up -national Video Competition page

JA Europe competition rules

Requirements and right to participate

Participating team must be part of the JA Start Up -program in current academic year.
Every JA Europe member nation is eligible to send two entries to JA Europe video -competition.
Member country can freely select the national entries, but they must fulfil the participation criteria.
There is no age limit in the competition.

Expected audience and message

Video should appeal to first time visitors/viewers of your company, product or service. Video content should be targeted to public, who may not have extensive knowledge in the field of your company.
Video can be one of the various types of company videos (according what your company need at the time of the competition):

  • Presentation (Narrative story of your company)
  • Sales video (Concentrating on selling the particular product or service)
  • Teaser (Something great is about to be published)
  • Video sales pitch (Marketing video for the investors)

Competition rules

Evaluation criteria

Competition entries are evaluated using the following criteria:

Impact, 20%
What you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?
Creativity and story, 20%
How the video was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way. Does the video tell a good story?
Target group and clarity, 20%
How well the video addressed the general public in the narrative, performance and music. Is the message clear and understandable?
Call to action, 20%
How well the video addressed the need to act? Did the video provide cues on what to do next and how clear and fitting they were in the video?
Technical details, 20%
How good were the sound, light and image quality of the video? Professional quality is not expected, but poor light, low sound levels or blurry image will reduce the quality of the viewing experience.

Technical rules for participants (JA Europe -level)

  1. Video must be created by JA Start Up -company members. Getting free help from friends, family and fools is accepted, but production cannot be outsourced to a professional agency.
  2. Videos must be in English. Translation can be done by voiceover or by adding subtitles to a video.
  3. Max length of video is 3 minutes.
  4. Video must be uploaded to Youtube and set to public or unlisted -state.
  5. All entries must be entered to JA Europe competition submission platform (JA Finland will give access code to winners).

Content sharing for promotion

JA Europe and participating member countries have a perpetual right to publish the entries in their own websites when they promote the competition, winners or the program in general.

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