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AI-based news structuring tool NY from Turku was the best JA Start Up -company in 2017-2018.

The company had a strong commitment and also a large pilot client for the development of the tool. A strong team with multiple skills was able to present the company in a professional manner and the service that is developing is solving a clear problem that many media houses can identify.

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Best innovation to remote home styling provided by 3HUE NY

Elo Best Innovation prize was awarded to 3HUE NY from Savonia AMK, Kuopio.

3HUE provided online solutions to esthetic and functional home challenges. Company was formed by one business and two stylist who wanted to find new solutions to help people to achieve functional and beautiful home.

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Best Sales pitch from Children Youtube Channel Auri

Auri from Humanistic University, Campus Helsinki has created a Youtube channel for small children with a lovely character Auri, born from the Aurora Borealis. Content has been created specially to support the young childrend development.

Lupa Hyvinvoida NY had the best salesteam

Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Kuopio

Lupa Hyvinvoida NY has a pop-up coffe house Varpu in Kuopio and they provide healthier opportunities to traditional cafeteria products. Team had uniques selling skills and they were full of energy during the whole event.

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FitBeast NY from Kajaani won the best Business presentation

FitBeast NY company motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. FitBeast also measures their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. FitBeast also educates their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. FitBeast does personal training and online coaching for training and nutrition programs.

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JA Finland congratulates all the winners!

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