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Teacher Center – Your hub for NY Start Up -program

In the Teacher Center you can:

  • Request a set up for a new course (our group)
  • Subscribe to a new course as a teacher
  • Select/edit the assignments that are required in the course.
  • View/edit/remove the students that are registered to course. This function has the following rules:
    • When students register to course they are accepted by default, so no action is required.
    • Teacher can mark students as “Drop-out” or “For deletion” (in case of spam or fraudulent registration)
    • NY Course administrators bulk delete students in patches.
  • See students submissions to assignments
  • See/edit NY Start Up -companies that students have registered
  • Mark the course completed (this allows students to print certificates from the course)

Teacher center guide

Registration and Login


Register to Teacher Center using Teacher Registration link on top of the page or Direct registration link here.

In the registration page you’ll find detailed registration instructions.


login_Login to Teacher center by pressing the User login link on top left corner. Fill in your username (e-mail) and password on the login form on the right side (or below the text on mobiles). You also need to pass prove your humanity test. Press Log in to gain access.

Check the remember me, if you are using a private computer. Then the system will remember you and you don’t need to login again next time.

System will redirect you to Teacher Center frontpage.

Course and Student Management

Course and student management

NY Start Up -program management is based on courses. One course is usually run by one or two teachers and can include students from a single or multiple universities. Courses are set up on demand and if the program continues to run in next year, there is no need to set up a new course (we’ll just add another semester to this course.

Teacher Center Main view

teacher_center_mainWhen you wish to start a new NY Start Up -course you can notify site administrators by e-mail or requests a new course.  New course means that you are usually using the program for the first time or there have been changes in participation (like new universities or faculties). Just use the form in front page.


Managing course(s)

Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

Click on the course you want to manage. Active courses are listed first (most likely you have just one).

In case you have courses that are finished you’ll find them under Archived courses and you can review the historical data.

Course information

After selecting the Course you’ll find a page with Course name, semester and assignments for the students.


Active students in the course / student management 

You can see the list of active students in the course with their name, contact information, university and assignments. If student has submitted the assignment it’s market with the word submitted.

  • You can edit the student information by pressing the edit button below the Status of the student.
  • If student drops out of the class, you need to edit their status accordingly.
  • You can also mark student for deletion (in case for example a double registration or fraudulent registration.).  We’ll keep statistics on the drop out rate, so please don’t mark   dropped out students for deletion.

Click see assignments to view and evaluate students submission. All submissions are printed in one page for easy review. Currently there is no direct feedback system built in.

Dropped out students and students market for deletion

You can see the dropped out students by clicking the +sign.

Course Assignments, Pre-survey and Material Payment

Required Course Assignments


You can also modify the course assignments (that you require students to complete). Click the Edit course information and select (checkbox) the assignment that are required in that particular course.

  • Pre-test is required (we’ll send e-mail reminder for post-test)
  • Learning Diaries are optional, but a good reflection tool and as a teacher you’ll have access to diaries.
  • If the University pays the fee, then remember to uncheck the material payment -box so students don’t see it and you don’t get questions about it. If the students pay the material payment, make sure the box is marked.

NY Start Up -company management

Certificate of course completion

At the end of the course students can print the certificates of achievement from the course.

You need to mark the course completed in

Edit course information and add teachers to course

Check the Course completed -checkbox. This will allow everyone in the course to print certificate.

  • If there are students who are not completed the course, you need to mark them as dropped out (from Registered students -view).
  • You can change the dropped out students to registered students from the Dropped out students list. (if some completes the course for example later than the others).




NY Start Up -companies

You can see and edit the NY Start Up company information. You'll only see the companies that are registered by the student in that particular course you are instructing.



General reporting

System has a built in reporting function, so we are able to generate vide variety of reports for public and internal use. We’ll open the reports when students have registered and companies formed.

Following reports are in the pipeline:

  • Registered NY Start Up -companies (sort options: by the course and business line)
    • Information: Company name, description and internet links
  • Amount of students and companies registered (sort options: course)
  • Pre- and post test reports (sort options: summary of answers by the course, open answers by the course)

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