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Welcome to teach the NY Start Up

In this page you can register as a teacher for NY Start Up -course.

Registration steps

  1. Fill in the registration form and system will create a login credentials (login name is your e-mail)
  2. You’ll receive the password by e-mail
  3. NY Start Up site administrators will check your registration and activate your teacher account. You’ll be notified by e-mail.
  4. After the activation you’ll have access to Teacher Center, where you can edit the course requirements, see all your students, companies and their submissions. Use the User Login -link on the top of the site.
Registration Help

Registration Help

  • University
    This is your “home” university. Students can be from different universities.
  • Course (or new course)
    Every single course/NY Start Up -group has it’s own name and it’s not linked to particular university (this allows multi-university courses to be formed). This is the name for the NY Start Up -course that you need to communicate to your students when they register to system. If you are the first teacher registering to the course then you need to write a course name under “if the course is not listed”. and site administrator will create the course. Course name should be explicatory and easy to remember. Examples and user cases.

    • Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu  – If you have students from one university only and this university has only one such a course.
    • Turku English – If you have students from multiple universities you can use a city name to specify the course. You can also add language or some other remark to clarify the course.
    • Metropolia – Haaga-Helia – if you have students from more but not from all universities in the region.
LMS - Teacher registration
Please use the official university/university of applied sciense e-mail.
Select a password (or use a password manager)
Name of the course you are teaching (usually city or university/university of applied sciense). If you don't have a course yet, just leave this blank
If you don't have a course yet, just leave this blank
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