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Fill in the pre-course survey during the firsts weeks of the course.

Survey data will be collected through a separate system and is anonymous. We ask your university, name and e-mail address in order to remind you of the post -program survey and evaluate the change by university.

Read more about the learning evaluation

Purpose of the evaluation

We use the surveys for planning and improving the program and measuring the program impact on entrepreneurship intentions and skills.

  • To learn more about your expectations about the course (plan)
  • To improve the course in the future (improve)
  • To monitor the change of entrepreneurial skills and mindset during the course

NY Start Up -program evaluation scheme is created by Pekka Stenholm, Senior Researcher and Adjunct Professor from the University of Turku. Pekka is also avid NY Start Up -programme teacher and has been developing the programme concept.


Direct link to English Survey

Direct link to Finnish survey

Mark the pre-survey done

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(as the results are anonymous, we don’t see if you have done it, so please be honest)

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