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Fill in the parts you know or are ready. You can update the information during the program.

LMS - NY SUP Company Registration
Put the NY at the end of the company (as the companies are NY Start Up -companies)
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Image will be crushed to this size and uploading an image with wrong dimensions will look bad. Use for example to create an image. TIP: Image is just 1/4 of the Facebook Cover image.
Describe what your company does. Will be published on the website. You can write in the language you choose.
What is the primary/public e-mail for your company. This will be published on website in the company information. This information is optional.
Select your company main target audience and if you are selling products or services. This is just to let teachers analyse what kind of companies are formed. This information won't be published.
Select the course your company belongs. This is usually the same you have personally registered. This will allow your teachers to see your company information.
Select the timeframe your company runs.
What is the telephone others can contact to your company. This information will be public and can be left blank. Teachers will have an access to your personal information and can contact you if necessary.
You can set the visibility of your business mode by selecting the appropriate option. If you agree to comment and give feedback on your business model, you can set it to be visible to your course or all NY Start Up -students.
If you have an online folder you are sharing with your instructors, paste the link here. This link is meant for internal course information sharing and is visible only to course instructors.
If you have used an online-service, please paste the link here.
Maximum upload size: 5MB
If you have your business model in PDF-format you can upload that directly here. Your teachers will have an access to your business model.
For example the youtube URL. All videos listed, are automatically part of the best video -competition!
This name will be displayed in company profile page
Additional www-link you might want direct users.
You can set the visibility of your final report mode by selecting the appropriate option.
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Upload the final report here
If your final report file is more than 25Mb, please use online could and submit a link to the report file. Please use PDF or similar format - not original files from for example graphic design programs.
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