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There will be two patches of NY Start Up -program during the academic year 2015 – 2016. Full year model and Spring 2016 version.

Spring 2016 instructions will be written only in English, but of course the companies can operate whatever language they see fit. All the Team-tasks that involve peer evaluation must be returned in English.

Main points for the spring-only course

  1. There will be basically same steps and tasks as in the year long class, but the timetable between the steps is reduced and idea creation and team formation process time must be shortened.
  2. All the participants of the course must create an account to NY Online course system (MOOC) at and enrol to following courses:
    1. NY Start Up Personal (Spring 2016) – subscribe to this course as individual! Not as a team and use your personal e-mail when creating an account.
    2. NY Start Up Team (Spring 2016) – Subscribe to this course as a team. Create a separate team account for the system and subscribe to this course with that account (if needed, create a new e-mail for your NY Company team and use that as the Team accounts e-mail address). Separated  team and personal accounts will allow everyone to use Team account to login to return team tasks and use the account to peer evaluate other teams. NOTE: Teachers can use their account to enrol to both courses, since they are not returning the tasks.
  3. Spring term participants will have an opportunity to participate on the NY Start Up -finals in Lahti (11-12.5), but in order to participate the companies are expected to create a business model,  online visibility  and video sales pitch (they are tasks in MOOC NY Start Up Team -spring course.)
    1. Selection of companies for the final will be done by the participating universities and amount of teams allowed from each university depends on the amount of participants in the class. All the companies don’t automatically have a place in the finals. NY programme coordinator will post out allowance for each university based on the amount of participants. There will be a total of 14 places in the finals.

Go to NY Online learning system:

Timetable for Spring 2016

Task + due date + type of the task. Personal= you’ll complete individually or TEAM= You will submit the task as a TEAM.

  1. Registration to the system ( and
    1. Sign in for NY Start Up Personal (Spring 2016 -course) – 17.2.2016
  2. Return the pre course survey (17.2.2016, Personal)
  3. Return of the learning diary # 1  – (17.2.2016, Personal)
  4. Registration to MOOC system with a team account (28.2.2016, TEAM)
  5. Pay the material fee, NY Start Up Spring 2016  (28.2.2016, Personal)
  6. Return of the Business Model (28.2.2016, TEAM)
  7. Online pitch (about 16.3.2016,  TEAM)
  8. Learning diary #2 (31.3.2016, Personal)
  9. Online visibility and peer review (about 15.4.2016, TEAM)
  10. NY Start Up -final (11-12.5.2016 in Lahti,  TEAM)
  11. Learning diary #3 (31.5.2016, Personal)
  12. Post course survey (31.5.2016, Personal)


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