Beau-Fort (Belgium)

The video starts with the problem (customer need), and then shows how the student teams works on a solution for this problem. At the end, you can see kids (target customers) playing with the solution, followed by a clear call-to-action. This call-to-action (order online!) is the ultimate purpose of the video, so it is a promotional video that wants to drive sales.

Antiquity (Belgium)

This is a teasing video, with the intention to draw people to the online platform of the company!

North Values JA (Finland)

North Values is a company from Turku, Finland. Our goal with promotional video is to take viewer for a journey which expresses contrast between city rush and clean nature in a way that viewer feels like being part of this trip. Instead of showing our food&beverage products we want to emphasize nature and its values because nature is what our company eventually is about. We believe that by using deeper values instead of showing products we can create a deeper connection with the audience.

Nina Bäck Design JA (Finland)

Nina Bäck Design JA is a one-man company. Nina is a graphic design student in Jakobstad in Finland and the company offers illustration and graphic design services. The main purpose of the company video is to spread awareness about the company. The purpose is also to describe the company image and activities, to attract interest and to provide contact information for potential customers and other viewers who would like to see more of Nina’s work. All this in a simple, quick and entertaining way

Celuna (Malta)

Our video was designed as a sales video aimed at our potential end users: students. The main character of the video is an example of the typical user of our product, so as to relate better with the viewers. The video shows the end users how their life can be changed by using our product.

Celuna is an app dedicated to make studying fun through gamification. Its aim is to motivate students to learn and to help them manage their time more effectively. Due to the gasified aspects of the app, students will engage in their studies more and achieve better results, while having fun!

EasyZeek SB (Norway)

EasyZeek SB develops a search tool for craftsmen. The search tool will help carpenters, electricians and craftsmen to easily find for example junction boxes hidden in the wall. EasyZeek has many different usage areas. We want to make the day of a craftsman easier and more efficient!
The video is a combination of a presentation (demonstration of the product), a sales video (why our product is good) and a teaser. The target group is craftsmen, the teaser is in the beginning of the video where we illustrate recognizable situations with a humorous twist.
The video shows how to easily locate and cut a hole for an electrical outlet.

Digital Education Club (Romania)

Digital Education Club – Informative/Pitch

BEaTech (Romania)

BEaTech – informative/pitch

Fundeen (Spain)

Explain the product and how it contribute to built a better world

TourAcc (Spain)

Explain the service and show that you can make the path easier

Get Your Juice Out – Alamo Holdings (United Kingdom)

Get Your Juice Out is a 100% healthy juice drink brand, made in Manchester, with a comical twist. The purpose of this promotional video, is to spread awareness about the brand name, concept, and express the importance of making juices out of 100% fruit and veg, with no additives. Furthermore, ‘Get Your Juice Out’ ensures all fruit and veg used to produce the drinks, are not wasted, and donated to a local food waste company.