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Internet is usually the most important marketing and communications channel. The Best Online Presence Award includes websites, blogs and use of social media. Think about what’s important to your company and invest in that.

Most common combination is the website + 1-2 social media accounts depending on the needs.

For the reference: See the winners from the 2016-2017


The website is your company’s business card, source of general information and product presentation. You website must fit your company’s business and image and provide information about your company’s operations and product or services.

In this competition the technical implementation is a side issue, the website only needs to work on the most common browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Mobile devices and connections to social media are also smart things to take into consideration.

The website’s domain does not weigh into the judging. A jury consisting of business representatives will review the websites and decide the winner.

Social media accounts

Use the selected social media account that you feel are appropriate for your business. Those are most likely Facebook, instagram, youtube, Linked-in and Twitter, but we don’t limit the selection, just think the reasoning and target audience behind the accounts


  • 500€ prize for the winner
  • We run a story on the and social media channels.
  • A press release for additional publicity.

Deadline for participation

Deadline for participation is 14.4.2019

How to participate?

  1. Log in to the portal (as a student)
  2. Add links to your web services (in a company view) and then scroll down to the end of the form and click Update.

We’ll automatically count you in if you have filled one or more social media accounts or website.

If you encounter problems while doing this, please contact JA Finland’s office via email and we can check the problem.


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