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Nystartup_finaaliStart Up -final will be organized in 8-9.5.2019 in Helsinki

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Judges will select the best NY Start Up -companies based on their achievements during year and presentation given in the Finals. Winner of the Best Company award will represent Finland in the European NY Start Up -company Finals in June 2019. See more at JA Europe – competition site

How was the Uskalla Yrittää 2017?

Event tasks and evaluation

You’ll have three separate stages to present your company

  1. company presentation (pitch), 4-minutes
  2. interview with judges (about 10 min/team)
  3. trade fair stand (to present your company to judges and see other companies)

Prior the competitions the teams are asked to submit a pitch deck for the judges.


Pitch Deck guidelines  2018 (2019 guidelines will be updated closer to competition)

Before the event, you need to create a Pitch Deck. See the judging criteria, demo template and real example below.

Demo and example can help you to create your own Pitch deck. Creating a Pitch deck is not a science, so there are no definite right or wrong answer, but rather a set of norms that investors are usually looking for.

Event location

The event will be in Helsinki and hosted by Nuori Yrittäjyys ry.

Participants are required to arrange a transport to Helsinki. More information about the final can be found on

Right to participate and selection

There is a quota of 25 (minor changes possible) NY Start Up -teams in final. Selection of the participants will be agreed between the participating universities.

NY Start Up -final is open for all students and teams who participate to the NY Start Up -program and are registered as Students in their respective course.

Age limit

Best NY Start Up -company award winner participants need to be between 18 – 29 years of old. You have to be under 30 at the date of the European Final competition (June 2018). This is due to European Final regulations as by the definition the NY Start Up -program is the first time entrepreneurship experience for young people.

There is no age limit in other award categories (see below)

Award categories

  • Best NY Start up -company
    The team that has shown exceptional learning and success during the program.Price: Participation to JA Europe Start Up -finals  28-29.6.2017 in Helsinki,  price includes traveling, lodging, meals and event participation.

    Age limit: Participants needs to be between 18-29 year or old in June 2019.
  • Best Innovation
    Judges will select the team that they believe has created the best innovation to succeed in the future. The selected team should continue the innovation development. The team has to be strong and committed to the business idea and willing to go “extra mile” to succeed. Innovation needs to deliver clear value (financial, cultural or societal). Price: Cash price 500€ to support the innovation development.No age limit.
  • Best company presentation / Pitch 
    Good company presentation will gather the audience, is natural and contains a clear message of the company and the idea. A presentation is natural and technology works in a way that everything looks easy.No age limit.
  • Best salesperson
    Judges will select the best salesperson. Best salesperson is the one who will present the idea/company in a professional manner, listens to customers and can argue why the idea is the best. A good salesperson is active and participative and easy to discuss with.No age limit.


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