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Video Competition

Company Video competition is your opportunity to show off your company and its opportunities. There are many types of company videos, depending on the state of your company and the current communication needs. In this competition, we are looking for the best company video and it’s usually one of the following types:

  • Presentation (Narrative story of your company)
  • Sales video (Concentrating on selling the particular product or service)
  • Teaser (Something great is about to be published)
  • Video sales pitch (Marketing video for the investors)

Company video can be created in Finnish, Swedish or English – use the language that you feel more beneficial to your company.

See the videos from 2016-2017 competition

Click the top left corner to open playlist to see other videos

Deadline 24.3.2019

Submit your entry before the Deadline in order to qualify!

How to Join!

  1. Create a video
  2. Upload it to youtube.
  3. Copy-paste the link in your NY Start Up -company page. (steps below)
    1. Login to account
    2. Edit company information and look the comp
      any video -field in the company information
    3. Paste the YouTube -address to video-field
    4. Update the changes.

500 € Price money

Winner will receive 500€ price money + publicity from JA Finland.

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