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INTU NY (Business to Business – service in NY Start Up Pk-seutu)




Investoi tulevaisuuteen – Invest to the future
Immigration system of Finland can passivate immigrants. Also, integration into society can be … » Read More ineffective if immigrants have untreated traumas and mental disorders. Those can get worse if help is not provided.
We have created a consept that is a piece of larger service field. Our focus is to get immigrants integrated into our society by providing rehabilitating services through rehabilitative groups, sports and outdoor activities. Different municipalities or organisations can buy our services, which we take to immigration centers. We provide consultation, group rehabilitation and more flexible, customised solutions to single users. Our services are based on mobility, flexibility, efficiency and individuality.
Our product is a consultation service that would be based on preventive care and mobility. This would benefit our customers in various ways and still would maintain our cost-effectiviness.
Potential is promising for the simple reason of yearly refugee quota, that is around 1050 people.
These refugees usually come from very challenging backrounds. Some of them might have been traumatised or they may have some type of mental health promblems that need to be solved them to settle succesfully. In this current market there’s no other business model that would provide the same care plan as we do in this particular segment.



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