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Rolling Youth NY (Business to Consumer – service in NY Start Up Saimaan AMK)



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Rolling Youth NY

Rolling Youth is a self made organization consisting of a group of people with a shared passion to make student lives brighter than they are now in … » Read More Lappeenranta. Our target niche is an organization of unique music events different from other ones in our town thereby kinds of playing music, professional mixing, improved sound systems, live performances, some kinds of shows and other features to show how parties can really be exciting. We also provide organizational services for other events that are done by other organizations or active people whose ideas and mindset we share and respect. In addition, we also provide services of beatmaking, mixing and mastering globally for more than 5 years. Many of our projects can be freely found on music streeming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play etc.
We have a true passion to dilute the local atmosphere of Lappeenranta with our burning ‘Youth’. The idea of the Rolling Youth creation was caused with our own disappointment in local student flows and events that seem boring and same type. The project was created to change local students’ paradigmas about having fun after their studing, working processes in the university.



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