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EasyMeal NY (Business to Consumer – service in NY Start Up Laurea Restaurant Entrepreneurship)


EasyMeal NY

Business model: meal plans provider and groceries deliver.
Short description: EasyMeal offers customers with busy lifestyle pre-measured healthy and … » Read More delicious meal’s recipes and groceries delivery. Our service makes cooking much more convenient, time efficient and diet balanced.
Insight: There are many people who love food and cooking, but just cannot afford to have the experience due to their busy schedules. There are also people who struggle to have a balanced diet or to maintain a budget. Our business will help them solve these problems by:
Create meal plans subscriptions (expectedly 4 packages each, for 2-4 people) that are nutritious and well-measured to limit leftovers;
Explain the nutrition value of the meals as well as how customers can save money by sticking to our plans;
Have fresh ingredients delivered to customers’ door step together with recommended recipes that can be prepared in less than one hour.
Customer register his/her account;
Choose any four recipes from a weekly menu;
Select delivery time (from Wednesday to Saturday);
Make payment through netbank or PayPal.
We-service provider gather orders from customers and make groceries purchase through suppliers twice a week;
Divide the ingredients and recommended recipes accordingly with the orders;
Deliver the packages.



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