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What is JA Start Up Program?

JA Start Up Program is an educational program for Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences . Program duration is one academic year, during which participants (Students) will establish their own JA Student company and participate in entrepreneurship education.

JA Student company is a practice enterprise founded and formed by students, which is in operation for one year (one term or one calendar year). The goal of Student Companies is to teach skills needed in working life, attitude and methods necessary for running an enterprise during studies.

Student Companies are a part of  the JA Start-Up Program (in higher education). There is also a company Program for primary and secondary education level. Programs are coordinated by Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Finland (Nuori yrittäjyys ry), which is an non-governmental organization. More information available at:

A student company operates on real money and it can sell its products or services to clients. Operating on real money makes the program more effective by increasing the students’ motivation and bringing elements of actual business life into the program. Practicing learned skills in real-life situations makes them stay in students minds longer. At the same time we encourage students to become active, independent and spontaneous builders of the future.

How does a Student Company work?

A Student Company operates like any actual company, offering its products and services to clients. The difference is that the Student Companies are run by young students and the company’s operations are restricted to one term.

This sets limits for e.g. the company’s products and development possibilities, but offers a great chance for learning experiences and planning the students’ own future.

Is this legal?

Absolutely! JA Finland has clarified all legal and taxing conventions with the Tax Administration (their official instructions). The Tax Administration has also given instructions for JA Student companies’ operations (record number: 553/345/2006).

In practice Student Companies’ profits are taxable income and as long as the net revenue of operations stays under 8500€, Student Companies are not liable to VAT. In taxation the operations are  considered parallel to independent profit-gathering operations.

Who do the Student Companies account to?

The study program is developed and governed by JA-YE Finland. A teacher is responsible for the activities in practice.  JA-YE Finland’s office offers help, support and training for teachers and, when needed, solves different challenges concerning the program’s implementation and conventions.

More information

We are happy to provide you with more information about the program. Students and teachers participating in JA Start Up Program can find more information on this site and on the JA Finland official website at

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