Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 14.07.00Executives, employees, personnel, etc. Without good people to work on it, an idea is meaningless. Find a team that wants to make a mutual business idea work during the term. A good team gets along with each other and its members have different strengths. 

A good and motivated team is essential for ideas to flourish, and a good and motivating idea will give all the members of the team a sense of ownership. The team must be willing to work on the idea and make it happen

Build a strong team for your Company, one that wants to stick to your idea and make it happen! Our recommendation concerning team sizes is between 2-5 people. This way one person falling ill doesn’t incapacitate the whole company, but the whole team can still meet up, everyone has meaningful role, and it’s easy to settle issues. Who do you want to form your team with? Discuss with your classmates and make the decision together. The team can also be formed and it can be reinforced also after deciding on a business idea.

Goal and Check-list.

You have a team with whom you can agree on the following topics

  • Time management (how much time to allocate to the company)
  • Engagement (all are eager and willing to do their share)
  • Responsibility and trust (you must be able to trust to your team mates. If you can’t, why are you cooperating in the first place?)
  • Personal motivation & goals are secured
  • Team strengths are mapped (you know where you are good and what needs to be developed)