How your company is seen and found in Internet?

Usually the online presence is the sum of:

  • Company website
  • Social media pages + feeds
  • Company videos
  • Online store
  • Blog

All these can be combined and linked to each other, so there is no only or best way to do things. Basic benefits are outlined below:



Your home, where customers can find more information about the company.

  • Makes it more credible and trustworthy.
  • Easy to refer
  • You can decide the looks and colour to match your companys visual presence.
  • Place for who we are and services -information.

How to create one

It’s best to use on online service for the website creation. There are plenty of easy to use services for creating your first website.

Web is full of easy to use  website creation editors, that can be used with a web browser. Usually they have a good guides on site creation and ready templates for easy startup. We’d recommend you to look at following services:

These may not be the choice of web developer but for the beginners they are excellent choice.

Social media

These are the channels to interact with customers and spread the word of the company.


  • Spread the word about the company
  • Interact with customers
  • Advertisement on new products and services

How to select the social media networks for your company

Usually you must select what network is relevant to your business. Below is an excellent article on different networks to help you make in informed decision.

Creating the pages/accounts

All social media channels have an excellent tutorials how to create a page and promote that. Get familiar with those.

Company videos


  • Tell the product or service story fast
  • Can be used to viral marketing.  Good videos got shared a lot.

Creating company videos

You can film company videos with your smartphone (or dedicated came for better quality). Most important is the story you want to tell, not the device, what you use.

This post is a good place to start and as usual internet is full of recourses and technical guides for every device you have.

Online store


  • Sell the products or services online.
  • Test the market in easy way, since opening of a small store is fast and free

How to do it

There are couple of easy ways to create online store.

  1. Use the -service that has online store with payment options (Finnish online banks & credit cards build in – no set up or monthly fee).
  2. Make a website with order form that arrives to your e-mail and send the invoice manually with the product.
  3. Use some of the online store services. Such as MyCashflow (In Finnish) (Free version for 10 products)



  • Show off your expertise on selected area by blogging.
  • Tell the company story in interesting format

Starting your own blog

There are two steps to start blogging

  1. Why and what (content)
  2. How and where (technical stuff).

Read the articles below to get better understanding on why and what to blog


How and where to start a blog
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