Setting up the company team is a process where the idea meets the doers. Team must be willing to work on the idea and make it happen.

Team needs to feel they have the ownership of the idea and are fully behind it. Team consisting from 2-7 people is formed and team is motivated and ready to rock.

Tips for team creation

Working as a team and sharing responsibilities is one of the fundamental learning points. Being able to trust your team member gives you an opportunity to concentrate on the part you are doing and makes the team stronger.

  • Discuss and elect the person who will be the president of the company. What kind of skills and competences should this person have?
  • Motivate this person to involve other people and to establish a team.
  • Define what each team member is good at and where the weaknesses are.
  • It’s good to have people with different skills to divide tasks and a wider perspective on idea development. You can even make a team of people from different universities.
  • It is more important to have a team with people who work well with each other than a team with the perfect skills.
  • Define the business mentors you will need and find them.
  • Be careful of conflicts and try to settle issues as early as possible. There will be some conflicts, but managing them well will make the team stronger.
  • Agree on the common rules of communication and attendance (i.e. for team meetings etc.). Write them into a contract of cooperation with the roles and responsibilities of the team members.

Be aware that creating a business with a close friend can be great, but it will also carry high risks if things don’t go as planned. So discuss the situation beforehand.

Organizing a team

Organisational structures that are used in the business may not apply to your JA Start Up, since the challenge is to know what to learn, and where to find the customers. Form the team on the basis of your skills and interests and contributions to the company’s plan.

Rather than established titles like marketing manager or CFO, try to organize on the basis on functions and projects your company has to tackle. For example in the customer development phase you can agree a responsible person for single goals.

Task Due date Person

  1. Create promo material 12.12 Mikko
  2. Create online survey 20.12 Julian

When there are well-defined tasks (such as paying the bills etc.) agree on the responsible person.

But most things in typical titles don’t apply that well.

Co-operation agreement

It’s recommended to create a team co-operation agreement about the goal of the company and motivation of each member. This is also great time to think about the personal motivation and commitment to the company and project in general.

You can use the template provided and add your own set of rules that everyone agrees.

Browse the template online below


Check-list for completion of the team motivation.

  • Time management
  • Engagement
  • Personal motivation & goals are secured
  • Team strengths are mapped