DSC_3050_2.0Brainstorming is a form of collaborative discussion aimed at generating ideas, innovations, solutions and perspectives on an issue or problem. Brainstorming is a means by which to find the best solution or the best idea!

Goal of the ideation phase is to find the best possible idea for the team. Best possible idea means that whole team agrees on the idea and it is feasible for the Start Up programme timeframe. In a broad form all ideas are innovations, see below: 

What is innovation?

Innovation can take many different forms and a good definition of the economic innovation is written by Joseph Schumpeter.

Innovation is:

  • The introduction of a new good — that is one with which consumers are not yet familiar — or of a new quality of a good.
  • The introduction of an improved or better method of production, which need by no means be founded upon a discovery scientifically new, and can also exist in a better way of handling a commodity commercially.
  • The opening of a new market that is a market into which the particular branch of manufacture of the country in question has not previously entered, whether or not this market has existed before.
  • The conquest of a new source of supply of raw materials or half-manufactured goods, again irrespective of whether this source already exists or whether it has first to be created.
  • The carrying out of the better organization of any industry, like the creation of a monopoly position or the breaking up of a monopoly position.

So regardless your idea it usually have some innovation element in it. 

How to brainstorm for ideas?

You should start you ideation process with a brainstorming session. Brainstorm is a session, where a lot of ideas are thought and written down on paper. Afterwards they will get evaluated. Most important thing in brainstorming is that you should not filter your ideas.

Narrow down your ideas

After you have completed a creative process, it is important to consider and sort / prioritize the ideas. Some ideas can be easily discarded. You need to look into each of the ideas and only keep the one you believe may have potential.

There are several ways to evaluate ideas, check a short introduction to three different idea evaluation techniques.

 Brainstorming rules on video

Scientific approach on brainstorming and good background information:

(Stanford University, 19 minutes).