nysup_stepsProgram steps represent the phases of life that every NY Company goes through. The aim is to clarify the process and progress of the company and e’ll provide relevant support for the steps.

Your business idea and goals will impact how important each step is and how much time and effort you spend for example in product development vs marketing. You may even skip some steps for now if they are not relevant to your idea. When forward thinking to the future it’s important to be aware of for example intellectual property right and budgeting, even they are not your concern right now.

Main steps for most NY companies: 

  1. From team to a company
  2. Development and testing
  3. Business Model creation
  4. Doing it for real
  5. Future plans and evaluation

External resources

Below you’ll find good resources that might help you in your NY Start Up -company

  • Google Digital Workshop – basic training lessons on digital marketing opportunities (100+ video + lesson planner)