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A gent NY (Business to Business – product in NY Start Up Lamk)

A gent

In the creative field there is a lot of people who are doing good stuff. Although they are good at their field they just can’t or don’t want to commercialize themselves. That is where A gent steps into the picture. A gent will be the one who links creative minds to their potential customers.


Whether you are a start up or a more established company, A gent will find candidates who fits to your needs. The process begins by listening closely to the specifics of your companys needs. Next you will be linked to your candidate. The chosen candidate will continue working with you. After the project is finished A gent will take care of the rest, such as: billings and payments.


Whether you’re a designer, a photographer, a graphic designer or anything in between. If the material of your portfolio is good you are qualified for work. No more applying for different jobs. You just need to sign up and you’ll be working in no time.

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