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Trezorĝardenoj NY (Business to Consumer – product in NY Start Up Games! – PK-seutu)


Trezorĝardenoj NY

It’s about taking indoor gardening, landscape architecture and scale-modeling to a new level and providing small, portable “table-top” gardens … » Read More (terrariums) as ready-made and/or DIY kits with instructions. They can, for example, be simple and zen-like, resemble an existing place (a summer cottage, a world-famous garden) or fantastic landscapes. The size can be varied, as well as the choice of plants and decors can be selected and adjusted per customer, and professional gardening/landscaping advice would be available. Oxalis Worlds are as good for private homes as for office spaces, as the gardening can be a relaxing hobby or semi-automated, also they can be used as a medium of creative artistic expression professionally. Starting this small-scale, however, there are limited options to start with but a great potential for growth and future development.